Thanks for Applying!

Filling the form, however, was the first and most important step. To Make sure we get people who value what we’re offering, we’ve broken down what we need from you into steps.

Below is what you should do next.

1. Follow Abuja Culinary School on Instagram

2. Follow us on Twitter if you have an account there

3. Follow Chef Stylz on Instagram

4. Finally, create a post on Instagram or twitter (Your choice), and on it, state your name and what cooking means to you

Tag us in the post, and then send us a DM. (This is important because we can’t process it for you, if you don’t). 

This post can be a video or an image; the format you choose doesn’t matter.

Use the image above as a template.

We are looking for authentic people. So just be you. Cooking can mean just about anything to anybody.

We will be in touch via mail to everybody we pick to be part of the scholarship.