Study Online For Free!

With Abuja Culinary School’s 6-weeks Fully-Funded Scholarship.

With Abuja Culinary School’s 6-weeks Fully-Funded Scholarship.

Abuja Culinary School will be one in November…

And to mark this milestone, we have decided to award a scholarship to 1000 Nigerians who love to cook. This scholarship will grant the awardees access to our forthcoming 6-weeks online Course.

If we select you for this scholarship, here are the benefits for you…

You’d Learn

You would be taught little-known recipes that you can try at the comfort of your home, or incorporate into your business.

Get Certified.

At the end of the training, you would receive certification from us. This will not only boost your resume but put you ahead in the industry.

You Network

Be part of the online community of those taking this training. You can interact with each other, and also, form strategic partnerships.

Grow and Earn.

With what we’re offering, you would become a better Chef. You can also use this knowledge to not only enhance your career but also, boost your business.

The Future Belongs to Those Who Take The Opportunities Given To Them.

Do you want to take your education to the next level? Would you like to do it from the comfort of your home? And for free?

Then, You Should Jump on This. But only If…

You’re Passionate About Cooking.

Cooking means more to you than the average person. 

You’re Interested in Culinary Education

Knowing as much as possible about culinary arts is your thing.

You Are Ambitious

You’re not one of those folks who learn stuff and dump it. You apply what you learn to your career.

Work Doesn’t Scare You.

Doing what is needed is your thing. You don’t have time for excuses.









Register Below For A Chance to Be Among The 1000’s.

Yes, We are only Taking in 1000 students, and we are looking for the most passionate, driven, and enthusiastic amongst them. If that sounds like you?

Then Apply Below:


Make Sure The Details Are Accurate.


Here Are What Two of Our Past Students Had To Say.

” I came into the school not interested in cooking but Chef Stylz completely made me a fan.
Now I know how to cook and I realized I enjoy cooking too. His teaching style is so calm and effective.”

“Abuja Culinary school exceeded my expectations during the course of my study.

As for their customer service, I would say it’s amazing because every step of the way they listened to us and made sure our learning experience was very smooth and exciting!”


About Your Instructor.

He is the one and only Chef Stylz, an award-winning Chef. We call him the Chef extraordinaire.

Asides from being a food genius, he is…


With Stylz, there are no excuses. This is what he believes…“If you can’t get it done with what you have, you have no business being a Chef”


For Chef Stylz, the word “small” is just an opportunity to create magic. Doubt it? Then ask his students about the three ingredients challenge.


He is a great teacher and has a passion for making people fall in love with cooking.


He sees food as art and cooking as the process of making beautiful works of art. For Stylz, food and art are inseperable.


Food flows through his veins. He thinks, dreams, sees, and feels foods all day long. has a passion for making people fall in love with cooking.


For Chef Stylz settling for mediocrity is a sin. He will push you to aim higher than you think you can.

What Are You Waiting For?

This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. See you in class.

Remember Classes start in...








Thank you, and hopefully, we would see you in class.