Top 4 Culinary Schools in Abuja.

24th June 2021


You think you know it all, or at least enough, but then, one experience shatters all you have ever known.

Being a professional Chef is a beautiful thing, but not an easy one. It is a daunting career that will test your resolve and attempt to break you.

But, there are paths you could take that will make the road less slippery and more enjoyable.

Most great chefs you would meet will tell you of another chef (let me call them Senior chefs) that helped them in their culinary journey.

And when you meet these senior chefs, you soon realize that your culinary journey hadn’t even started before that time.

But unfortunately, this kind of meeting does not happen every day, Heck! it doesn’t happen for most people at all. How often do you come across a senior chef who has the time for it?

But what if there is a way?

Well, yeah, there is.

This is what all great culinary schools provide for you. They become the avenue for you to meet these chefs. Chefs who have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly; and are willing to take you by the hand and help you scale through your culinary journey unscarred.

In this article, I will share with you 4 of the top culinary schools in Abuja that grant you access to chefs that’ll turn your culinary skills around.

Let’s get started:


  • Abuja Culinary School.

Abuja Culinary School is the heart of culinary education. It is the best culinary school in Abuja hands down.

We believe that food is an essential aspect of culture and human life. Therefore, we strive to see a Nigeria where culinary art uplifts, develops, impacts and inspires people.

Our goal at Abuja Culinary School is to help you become a world-class chef. One who can stand your ground as a skilled professional anywhere you go.

We do not just have senior chefs, but we have senior chefs with a heart for impacting their knowledge on you.

You only need to love cooking, and we’d take it up from there. Love it, and we’d turn that passion into a career. And even if a career isn’t what you’re looking for, we would bless that love with a fire that’ll never die out.

Our array of courses covers every area of culinary mastery you would need, and with us, you’re on your way to the top as a Chef.

Here is the list of courses we cover:

  • Diploma in Cuisine & Patisserie.
  • Pastry & Cake Baking Decoration Course
  • Food Photography Masterclass
  • Mixology Course


  • Red Dish Chronicles

Red Dish Chronicles is a culinary school known for the quality of the education they boast of.. They have offices in both Abuja and Lagos and offer a wide range of courses fitted for whatever your culinary needs are.

In Abuja, they are located in Central Business District and seek to groom chefs who can create and replicate the best culinary cuisines.

They comprise a team of professional chefs who would give you quality culinary education and an atmosphere where food is created with love.

They cover courses such as:

  • Continental culinary arts course
  • Dessert culinary arts course
  • Professional chefs diploma – cuisine + patisserie etc.


  • Chefs Academy

Chef Academy is another culinary school located at the hub of the city’s metropolis. They are well accredited and have a variety of course packages depending on your need.

At this academy, you get flexible learning schedules and individual learning spaces, as well as an array of professional chefs ready to ease your learning process.

A few of their courses include;

  • African Culinary Art
  • Dessert & Pastry
  • Continental Culinary Art. etc..


  • Topkraft Culinary Academy

TopKraft Culinary Academy prides itself in its ability to groom you into a culinary master through qualitative education, research, and innovations.

They have a variety of courses covering several areas of culinary mastery, such as:

  • Restaurant management.
  • Baking & pastry art.
  • Cookery (Continental cuisine) etc..



One experience can indeed change everything for you. Great chefs know that cooking isn’t only about food but also the science of it.

You might think you knew your way around the kitchen; after all, you’ve been doing it since thy kingdom comes.

But when you meet a Chef who breathes food, lives it, and creates it like artists create art, suddenly, it would hit home; you will know then that you have a lot to learn.

If you are looking for the best culinary schools in Abuja to get these experiences from, you already have the answer.

To enrol in any of our classes at Abuja Culinary School, click this link.

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  1. This is great, but, how can I locate the school, the address, and the contact

    • Abuja Culinary School is located AT MIB Plaza, 1st Avenue Gwarinpa, Abuja, You can give us a call on 08119880434

  2. I can’t wait to be a student of culinary school

    • We cannot wait to have you.

  3. Good day, I want to inquire on how to enroll and the duration of the baking school.

    • Abuja Culinry School is located AT MIB Plaza, 1st Avenue Gwarinpa, Abuja, You can give us a call on 08119880434

  4. Please am interested in the school I don’t know how to start
    I want to registered
    How can I go about it

    • You can start by giving us a call on 08119880434

  5. When is the next session starting

    • Hi Roselyn, Please give us a call on 08119880434 and we can have this conversation

  6. Pls how much is your fee for 1year

    • You can give us a call on 08119880434

    • Hi, please give us a call on 08119880434

  7. Am interested in this opportunity

    • You can give us a call on 08119880434


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