Culinary Arts in African Cuisine.4weeks

Learn everything about African cuisines.  From local breakfasts to different indigenous soups, and lots more.

Week 1 : Local & Other African Breakfast. Plus Appetizer

  • You will learn how to make different indigenous local breakfast.
  • How to make other contemporary African breakfasts
  • How to make different kinds of appetizers.
  • How to make different indigenous pepper soups.

Week 2 : African Culinary Arts Indigenous Soups

  • You will lean how to make different African indigenous soups

Week 3 : Local Drinks, and Rice Dishes,

  • Learn how to make our local indigenous drinks.
  • Also learn how to make popular rice dishes.

Group Task: You will be tasked to replicate what you have be taught.


Week 4 : Top dishes from other African Countries.

  • You will be taught how to prepare some dishes from our neighbouring African countries.

Written and Practical Exams: You will be accessed at the end of the week.

Chef Stylz


Chef Stylz is an award-winning Chef. He is the lead Chef instructor at Abuja Culinary School.

For Stylz, settling for less is a sin. He will push you to aim higher than you think you can.


Frequently Asked Questions….

How Long is the Course?

This course runs for 4 weeks. Four times in a week. Mondays to Thursdays.

How much is the Course?

The Culinary Arts in African Cuisine course is priced at N200,000.

Will I get a Certificate?

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