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29th July 2022


Do you believe that one experience is enough to change your life?

After seeing another girl become the world gymnastic champion on T.V, Gabby Douglas decided she wanted to be a represent her country in the Olympics too.

Sadly, at the age of 12, she was still an amateur, although she was getting regular training. She, however, knew that she had to become better if she were to make the Olympic team.

So she decided that the champion’s coach; Liang Chow would also coach her one day if that goal was to become a reality.

She would finally meet him 2 years later, and their first meeting would change the course of her career forever!

What has Abuja Culinary School Been up to?

A.C.S is a proud partner of the Entrepreneurship Development Program (SAED) by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

This means that corps members can register for the SAED post-camp training program with Abuja Culinary School, and get the opportunity to learn the beauties of culinary art, and become professional chefs in Nigeria.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity for corps members who are passionate about cooking to take their passion to the top stage.

And the amazing thing is that we are leaving no stone unturned with the corps members who learn from us.

Every Big Step Must Have a Big Why?

Abuja Culinary

Honestly, you can never underestimate the wonders one experience can have in your career as a chef or in just about anybody.

It could be by simply taking part in the SAED program as a corps member, or meeting another chef who opens you up to the possibilities that exist in the world of culinary art.

This is, however, what we seek to achieve in the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) by N.Y.S.C.

To grant breath-taking chef experiences to those with a passion for food and also an opportunity to remind them that they can always chase the chef’s dream and come out victorious.

What Do We Want to Achieve?

The NYSC SAED program is premised on the need to build capacity and enhance the employability of corps members.

The implementation of the program will empower youth corps members to be wealth creations and self-reliant which is aimed at reducing the high rate of youth unemployment

We want to empower as many Chefs as possible. To place the Nigerian cuisines on the culinary page of the world, and to groom chefs who not only know their onions but are also well prepared to lead the way as we project the Nigerian food experience.

Furthermore, we want to be part of the stories of chefs who can start ground-breaking businesses or those who pitch their kitchen skills in top hotels and restaurants, doing so without caving from the demand of the art.

What does this mean for culinary Art in Nigeria?

Abuja Culinary School Students

Our goal is to play our part in the grand scheme of things. We want to play a big part in the progress of culinary art in Nigeria, and we would do it one step at a time.


Gabby had always hoped that Chang would be her gymnastic coach after seeing on him T.V coach another girl to win the Olympics.

When he was invited for a short time to train all the gymnasts in her training school, she would grab the opportunity with both hands and then switch coaches, having to travel and live miles away from home to train with him.

Two years later, she would become the all-around individual Olympic champion, and the first African American to attain that feat.

She would also become the first U.S. gymnast to win gold in both the individual all-around and team competitions at the same Olympics.

Finally, we hope to create these sorts of experiences for our corps members. If you are posted to Abuja or you know someone who is, and want to be part of this experience, feel free to hit us by via mail, a phone call, or on Instagram.




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  1. How much is the fee?
    Is there accomodation?

    • Unfortunately, we do not offer accommodations for now. You can give us a call on 08119880434 to find out more

  2. pls i want to leam how to cook help me with more information were i can enroll to lean how to cook

    • You can give us a call on 08119880434


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