About Us

We believe that food is an important aspect of every culture and human life

As one of the top culinary schools in Nigeria, our vision is to see the culinary industry in Nigeria, develop, impact, and uplift people.

The importance of knowing how to cook like a true chef is rewarding health-wise and economically.

The hospitality industry accounts for billions of dollars in revenue yearly. Why not get a skill that helps you get a chunk of that money?

Do you want to become a skilled Chef, food technologist, food designer or food blogger, baker, a restaurant manager/ owner?

Our culinary courses, ensure you get the right skills and culinary education that will set you apart from others!

We have different courses that are a good fit if you are joining the food and hospitality industry.

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Here Are What Others Had to Say…

"Abuja Culinary school exceeded my expectations during the course of my study. As for their customer service, I would say it's amazing because every step of the way they listened to us and made sure our learning experience was very smooth and exciting!"


" I came into the school not interested in cooking but Chef Stylz completely made me a fan.
Now I know how to cook and I realized I enjoy cooking too. His teaching style is so calm and effective."

 It's the calm and neat environment that first convinced me when I came to Abuja Culinary School. Also, they used the best ingredients for the class and gave us more than what I expected. I will definitely recommend Abuja Culinary School to anyone. They are the best."